The Rotary Club of Calgary East – Our Story

The Rotary Club of Calgary East was chartered in 1973 with its roots in the Forest Lawn & Dover communities. Hearing about the amazing Atrium project located in the midst of these communities, struck a chord with our members; especially with those who have been part of this club since the 1970’s!

The addition of the Atrium and the partnership formed between Rotary and Bethany was exciting to hear about. Many of our members are well into their 80’s and showing signs of slowing down. Other members have aging parents who are ready or nearing the time to relocate to a residence suitable to their individual needs. This Bethany centre will not only offer independent living, but also assisted living and full time care to those suffering fromvarious illnesses including Alzheimer’s and Dementia all in one community! This is so important because it will give residents a safe place to move about freely in a peaceful setting.

When Tony Knight and Jennifer McCue presented the project to our club initially, we said we supported the project wholeheartedly, but would have to fundraise and revisit next year. Luckily though, through the financial wizardry of a couple of our dedicated board members, we found a way to donate $15,000 this year!

I love my club and we are proud to be part of this!

In Rotary Spirit,

Christine Rendell

Rachel Antony