A Rotary-Bethany Partnership

Welcome to The Atrium, A Rotary–Bethany Partnership

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The Concept

By working together, lasting advancements in the overall health of our community can be achieved and seniors can be well supported to age with dignity and quality of life wherever they call home. By incorporating the Rotary tenets of service and friendship as part of Bethany’s next capital development, Bethany Riverview, an environment where neighbours, friends, and community leaders come together to create a caring community inclusive of all generations and backgrounds can be realized.


The Cause

Every day, the number of Albertans who reach the age of 65 grows by sixty people. Over the next two decades, the number of seniors in Alberta is projected to increase by more than 50%. Today healthcare spending for seniors accounts for 45% of health care budgets, despite seniors only comprising 15% of the population. The aging effect on communities and health services could become more pronounced in 10 to 15 years, as baby boomers enter their mid- to late-70’s.


Our Mission

The goal of the Rotary-Bethany partnership is to build a foundation for enduring success in seniors’ health through a community-based, campus of care approach that can become the standard for future development of care centre communities.


The Atrium, A Rotary–Bethany Partnership